Lazy Sundays


It’s a Sunday so what am I doing? Absolutely nothing.

On Sundays all I like to do is wake up eat, take a nice long shower and just lounge. Sundays are my days to just relax and catch up with my favorite TV show KUWTK (keeping up with the Kardashians.)

I usually don’t post blogs because I am obviously new to this but I can see blogging becoming one of my new Sunday habits. Of course I plan to write more than just on Sundays but you catch my drift.

Right now I’m just hanging out in my room with my 2 crazy kids (my dogs) as they run around like wild animals playing with each other. I just started a load of laundry, which is another Sunday ritual of mine and now I’m just sitting here thinking about how else I can waist my time.

I did some research a little bit ago on how to become a writer and some of the tips seemed pretty good. It mainly talked about how you should practice writing more than once a day, obviously read other writers work to see what good writing looks like and etc. My favorite tip was ”jotting down notes though out the day.” See the best time for me to write, besides Sundays, is at night. During the week I like to wake up early and go work out then come home and shower and just chill for a little bit before I go to work. Then after work I come home and relax  while watching some TV. When my boyfriend gets home we eat dinner then he showers and gets on his computer and plays his games (he’s a big game nerd but I love him anyways.) While he’s playing his games it’s the perfect time for me to write. Its nice and quite (he wears headphones) and it gives me something to do.

To practice my writing I thought about writing a short story or something so I could practice getting my creative juices flowing. As a kid I would always make up things and write stories, of course they weren’t like publish worthy but I was just a kid. I remember I used to have so much fun doing it so I thought why not try it now and just see how it goes. I’m not so sure if I’m actually going to post it on here or not but ill see about maybe posting one in the future.

Guess I better get to it!


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