Potty Training and stuff

IMG_4839 (6)

Ugh people were right when they said potty training wouldn’t be easy. My puppy is two moths old and he just doesn’t get it. He is a Yorkie miniature so we decided to potty train him inside using potty pads. When you are potty training a dog you are supposed to give him a treat and praise him every time he goes potty  on the pad or where ever you are wanting him to. Well the first week I had him that is exactly what I did and he seemed to be getting it down, but now not so much.  It could possibly be my fault though because he doesn’t like the treats I have for him anymore which is weird because at first he loved them, so that could be part of the reason but I don’t think that’s the whole reason.

The reason I don’t think that is, is because he still uses it most of the time!! If he is on the bed with me and needs to do his business I let him down and he goes straight to it, but if he is on the  ground and is just playing around then he will just go where ever he is at!

I have read somewhere that the more accidents the dog has the harder it is to get them back on track and I’m finding that to be very true. Its like the more he potties else where the less he uses his pad. I’m going to have to start working on this a little harder.

If anyone has any ideas feel free to tell them, I could use all the help I can get!


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