I’ve finally lost 10lbs!

So I’ve been trying to lose weight for awhile now but I just started actually cracking down on it more and more over the last couple months. I never even realized I was gaining weight until one day I woke and realized I had gained 20lbs. Now I’m not saying that I was extremely fat or anything but for a girl who is only 5′ 4 it can make a big difference. Now its probably going to go up and down between 1 and 2 lbs. but its still really good as long as the scale keeps saying I lost 10lbs when I wake up in the mornings.

Eating healthier has been a little struggle but I’ve been trying to do the best I can. I found that giving myself one cheat day a weak can really help. That way when I see something I really want I just tell myself “wait until Sunday then you can have it” Sundays are usually my cheat days but if I mess up during the weak then I just make that day my cheat day. Its not the best way to do it but for me it seems to be working.

I’ve also recently decided that instead of what I’ve been doing I’m going to start working out everyday. I have just been doing an hour of cardio 3 days a week and not any weights but now on the days I’m not dong an hour of cardio I’m going to be doing about 15 to 20 minutes of cardio and also working out with weights. So Monday, Wednesday, and Friday ill be doing cardio, then the other days of the week ill be doing weights and stuff. So yeah we will see how that goes.

Well today is my boyfriends birthday and he wants me to bake him a cake so I guess ill go get that started! Wish me luck!


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